A case study of the from-scratch, 3-month rewrite of Pinterest's mobile web app. Learn about how they optimized for mobile, and the bottom-line benefits of investing in the mobile web.


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Great talk clear and very interesting!

Sadeem M K at 10:53 on 9 May 2018

excellent case atudy, very informative and has great points
Thank you!

João Ferreira at 11:03 on 9 May 2018

Noice talk! Would be interesting to get more technical details regarding the bundling on web pack.



Luca Maroni at 12:38 on 9 May 2018

Very interesting talk, with great contents and a and very funny speaker. Many thanks Zack!

Flavio Maccarrone at 13:48 on 9 May 2018

Great and funny speaker. Very very interesting discussion. I hoped to see a little bit much code, but I think that the goal of this talk has been completely achieved. Thanks Zack!

Daniela Mogini at 19:31 on 9 May 2018

Great! I liked the mobile Web choice and the results are impressive!

Samuele Lilli at 19:42 on 9 May 2018

Nice and clear talk.
The speaker was really funny and topics covered were interesting.

Very good talk on pwa and in general technology adoption in big companies. All very interesting and detailed to the right level. Only small detail on something that can be improved if being sure you have time and avoid to skip slides, otherwise it will feel like some things were not important at all

Great talk


Leo gullotta at 09:47 on 10 May 2018


Great dive into the rewrite of Pinterest's mobile web app.

Great and also funny talk

Mary at 10:34 on 12 May 2018


niccord at 15:19 on 15 May 2018

super interesting!

Interesting and funny

M_a_s_s_i at 18:33 on 15 May 2018

In depth, informative, brilliant... awesome talk!