TypeScript, as the superset of JS uses compile-time type checkings with latest specification standard and proposals. The community chose it for thousands of projects, and it is not limited to the Angular ecosystem. It brings such powerful features like interfaces, generics, abstract classes into JS. With all-powerful tooling, it will make your JavaScript, React, Vue cleaner and less error-prone. It could involve back-end developers with Java or C# background into the client-side code. I want to show that with TypeScript you will be more productive no matter what front end technology you use.


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Luca Fabbri at 09:27 on 11 May 2018

Worth hearing this talk if you want to evaluate type checking benefits in JS programming. The speaker didn't goes that much into details, but in my opinion this was exactly in the scope of the talk itself: reaching newcomers.
The final part of the talk showed (without details) some interesting features of the language and 3rd party software integration.

Mary at 10:49 on 12 May 2018

Agree with Samuele, I expected more from the talk.

But I'd like to note that the slides were one of the best at the conference - well chosen colors, sizes, not too much texts, unobtrusive animation, so that it was easy to perceive the content

niccord at 15:25 on 15 May 2018

too low level, even for who (like me) don't use typescript everyday.