Having a bunch of IoT-ready and remotely controllable devices only makes sense if the controls are intuitive and the control surface is easily accessible. In the beginning of 2018, we started implementing such a user interface for our office building using only JavaScript with frameworks like BabylonJS and React. This interface displays the real-time state of our numerous devices, offers control panels for managing them and also incorporates other services, like AWS and a calendar-API. We now want to show you how our microservice-application fits into the the IoT-landscape and the overall architecture of our office building automation infrastructure and want to talk about the pitfalls we encountered and the lessons we learned. There is no prior knowledge required about BabylonJS, building automation or even JavaScript - the talk focuses on our experiences, our lessons learned and our architecture on a higher level, and does not go into technical details.


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An interesting approach to IoT

Samuele Lilli at 13:50 on 8 May 2019

I feel really sorry for this rating but I think that this talk was totally out of the scope of this conference.
It could have been more fitting for a “promotional” conference and more general purpose one but was too poor of content for this.
Moreover the lack of code was crucial in my decision about the given rating.
Sorry for that.

Jiayi Hu at 19:16 on 8 May 2019

The talk was smooth and both presenters did well but it's true that it lacked useful/deep insight. It was more a lightweight story about their journey in IoT. I hope the next time they'll strike for a better compromise between storytelling and tech notions

Interesting ideas for IoT.

Luca Fabbri at 12:48 on 15 May 2019

This talk didn't go deeply in coding, but it named a huge amount of OS products and technologies for a full stack IoT.