PWAs bring the best of both mobile and native apps to user. PWAs equipped with service workers provide features like offline availability, push notifications etc. Now with modern web APIs, PWAs are beyond the browsers; in Hardwares. Consider turning bulb on/off with your PWA, sounds cool? Lets learn how to, in this talk!


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Interesting introduction to available APIs for PWA

Samuele Lilli at 14:00 on 9 May 2019

A panoramic view of the APIs you can use when building PWA.
Live examples were entertaining.
Good job.

Luca Fabbri at 12:50 on 15 May 2019

Nice talk, although I was expecting more on PWA while he shown a lot of (interesting) HTML5 APIs not strictly related.
It's a 3/5 talk rate, but the final live examples with Bluetooth raised the final vote.

Anubi Gattone at 08:45 on 16 May 2019

Greeeeat talk!

A goood reason to start learn and actually work on PWA finally :)