Don’t you hate it when your process is stuck processing 200k rows and other requests are not processed?! Outrageous! But there’s a new and simple way of preventing this. Diego built sr so you can keep the modules you import in another process and prevent this scenarios!


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Gant Laborde at 14:56 on 9 May 2019

Awesome memes! Great energy! and perfect after lunch talk!

"I will find you, and I will learn you" ?

Had the whole audience laughing, but grounded it all with a new library "super require". Best of both worlds. 10 out of 5 if I could.

Funny and interesting!

Samuele Lilli at 15:11 on 9 May 2019

Very nice talk.
Interesting and very funny.
You can also grasp some good ideas.

Ideal talk for a 30 mins slot.

It's all about the meme-age! Great job Diego on keeping the crowd entertained and showing some excellent tricks on supercharging Node.js. I loved it - the right amount of personal, technical, and humorous.