Four years ago I started a wonderful adventure: I tried to build my first mobile application with JavaScript. The first encounter was ugly and I kind of accepted the fact that hybrid mobile applications are cheap, slow and limited brothers of native ones (I was mistaken!). However, due to financial efficiency, I was bumping into it again and again. I tried all popular JavaScript solution for Hybrid Mobile apps and ended my journey through the hybrid mobile applications with a happy end. I want to share with you the recipes we've learned, tell my story and warn regarding the possible pitfalls. We'll look into the React Native, Cordova, PWA's and compare them with native applications looking into the experience we've got working with them on real projects.


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He reported his experience into the talk.

Dennis Ceron at 13:33 on 9 May 2019

Awesome talk!

Stefano at 09:19 on 10 May 2019

The monotonous speech and all the arguments put there all together without an apparent logical pre -> working -> post scheme did not help to understand the talk. Very interesting topic, improved talk.

Luca Fabbri at 12:40 on 15 May 2019

This talk started slowly and I was unsure where it would lead us (slides didn't helped a lot) but in the second half it became very interesting.
I liked how the speaker has been honest on how much JS on mobile can be paintful. In the end the Final Message and Warnings were spread on the audience.

I can only suggest to review slides a little and rework the initial part.