WebAssembly is a new virtual machine embedded in the browser. It doesn't transpile to JavaScript like its forerunners; it produces a new binary format, like the old assembler, executed in a dedicated VM into your browser. Genius, it exposes a bridge between JS APIs and WebAssembly executables. Last browsers engines developments allow very fast exchanges between JS and WASM code. So, let's start with a projet that need a huge computing time. We will develop the core code in Rust, compile it to WASM using LLVM, and we will display the results in a front view powered via JavaScript. No need to know how does it work, we will see it together. This talk takes place in a new series named #StartFromNowhere: let's start from front-end developers skills, and deep dive into a new technology. In 45', let's learn the basics.


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Samuele Lilli at 14:02 on 9 May 2019

Nice overview on the topic.
Live example was good in order to have back a sort of “real use case” with performance comparison.
Slides were really cool.

Gant Laborde at 14:20 on 9 May 2019

Fantastic examples, demos, and energy. Obviously very wise with the topic and engaging with the audience. I significantly enjoyed the energy and cleanly organized styled slides. He seems like an excellent pear programmer.

Luca Fabbri at 12:51 on 15 May 2019

Best talk in the whole conference: it shown a real technology that everybody must keep an eye on, with a very interesting live demo and inspects on build and libraries.
Really well done.

John Doe at 14:33 on 15 May 2019

Best talk I attended during the whole event.

Clear, concise, coding samples and descriptive parts perfectly blended, lead by a talented speaker.

It kindled my curiosity about WASM.

There's so much hype around WebAssembly right now - and this was a really quick, organized, and thorough walk through of how to leverage this exciting technology.