You are watching from the sides, dreaming about building the next (popular?) framework or library in your field. You dream about presenting your creation in front of hundreds of people at OpenJS World. You believe in yourself, and suddenly you have thousands of downloads per month and developers relying on you to maintain your library. You think you’ve made it. Instead, it is only the beginning. What makes an Open Source library or framework successful? Does something become popular because it’s technologically superior, or shows a clear innovation path? A single maintainer can only do so much, dividing their time between adding new features, fixing bugs and updating dependencies. Maintaining a successful Open Source project is a big burden for a single individual, often working on their own time. You need something else - you need a community.


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very insightful talk and inspiring to be a part of the open source community.

Very good!

Very good!

Luca Fabbri at 10:41 on 16 Sep 2020

Worth hearing experience on building open source nowadays. I liked the highlight on dark moments and failed attempt.
The talk missed of additional details and practical issues found when presenting success stories.