The web is fast becoming the main means through which people interact with all sorts of technologies. With every new invention, users ask "but can it work with a browser?" With Web APIs, the answer is almost always yes; even to the question "can you fly a drone with a banana?" In this talk, I show the audience the power of APIs and discuss a few cool experimental APIs. I do this by taking them through on a journey through my experience of trying to hack a drone and fly it with a banana. If you're interested in all things web, custom controllers, Bluetooth technology and accelerometer-based controls or if you just like fruit and seeing silly applications of technology, this talk is for you.


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Joel Lord at 15:11 on 10 Sep 2020

Great talk that covers some browser APIs and some NodeJs.

Amasing !!! Thank you !!!

AWESOME, loved the talk, super interesting.

Awesome PoC :-)