Creating a web app means that we will use different resources like assets, fonts, and some other interface elements. The challenge relies on managing those resources to load fast and be available offline. PWAs use modern capabilities to target this problem and of course, make sure to deliver a good user experience. During this talk, we will learn about client-side storage solutions, cache strategies, and what it means to have an offline-ready web app so you can choose wisely from these strategies like a pro!


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Very good and interesting!!!!

Matteo Ronchi at 15:40 on 21 Apr 2022

Well done!

Lorenzo Pieri at 15:40 on 21 Apr 2022

Finally a good talk about pwa usages!

Lorena R. at 15:40 on 21 Apr 2022

Super interesting!

Nice talk! Useful informations to approach PWA

Gloria Goldin at 15:41 on 21 Apr 2022

Great speaker and good content. Thanks Laura

Luca Alicata at 10:59 on 22 Apr 2022

Interesting content

Giancarlo at 18:34 on 22 Apr 2022

Awesome talk on PWA and various strategies, very useful!

Very nice talk!
I would have loved to see some more of what the PWA offers for offline data management and backend data synchronization