As long as we’ve been using the internet, and way before that, we have been authenticating through some sort of username and password combination. It has become the standard. With the ever-increasing number of web-apps, we’re seeing more and more data breaches as well. What if we could build our authentication processes in a way the user doesn’t need a password?


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Menghini Luca at 17:00 on 21 Apr 2022

A lot of stuff to cram into 40 minutes, but the content was quite good!

Matteo Ronchi at 17:02 on 21 Apr 2022

Great talk

Lorena R. at 17:06 on 21 Apr 2022

Super useful and interesting!

Good, pity had a call from boss so lost some details. Any way to recover slides/video in the later days?

Interesting "in one breath" talk

Marius Trica at 17:23 on 21 Apr 2022

Great talk and content.

Giancarlo at 18:36 on 22 Apr 2022

Interesting and well structured talk, with a lot of useful informations

Very interesting talk, with lots of freeze-dried pieces of knowledge
I'm definitely going back to your website Sam to expand it even more!

Alessandro at 18:12 on 13 May 2022

Great talk! Thanks