React is an awesome framework for building UI. But writing declarative code comes with a cost, and with the case of React - that cost comes at runtime. How do we write beautiful, responsive UI using React’s awesome DevX but without compromising on performance? Together we’ll get a glimpse behind the React scenes, demystify the reconciliation loop, Virtual DOM and learn how to avoid common performance pitfalls.


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Lorenzo Pieri at 10:58 on 21 Apr 2022

Nice insights

Gil Tayar at 11:00 on 21 Apr 2022

Well structured

Deep insight about the overheads of React

Menghini Luca at 11:04 on 21 Apr 2022

Quite good, the pacing was a bit stilted imho. It went from maybe a little bit too slow on the "easy part" (what the issues are) and then a little too speedy on the solution (deferredValue and startTransition). This might have something to do with the fact that I do not have a lot of experience with React itself.

interesting and clear

Ania Kowalska at 12:14 on 21 Apr 2022

Pretty good talk, although it didn’t amaze me

Marius Trica at 12:51 on 21 Apr 2022

Very good performance

Most content might be "old news" but the presentation was clear and informative, plus I walked away with a couple of new notions

Luca Alicata at 10:57 on 22 Apr 2022

Useful tips

Yoni at 16:24 on 22 Apr 2022

Big like

Giancarlo at 18:27 on 22 Apr 2022

As a react developer, this was super interesting and well structured talk

Pretty good talk, Maybe the only React talk that clearly states the intrinsic React structural design inducted overhead

Alessandro at 14:46 on 13 May 2022

Good tips! Thanks