Astro, a latest generation JavaScript framework, has recently released version 2.0, and since the first version it has been a huge success thanks to its simplicity, performance and the island architecture, a technique that use partial hydration to use several UI frameworks and libraries in the same view, such as React, Vue, Svelte and many others.
Astro uses pre-rendering techniques such as SSG (Static Site Generation) and SSR (Server Side Rendering) and has the main objective of speeding up the display of content: for this reason it is the ideal tool for creating landing pages, blogs and Web pages that require high search engine scores and high performance.
In this session I'll describe how Astro work and we will analyze the necessary steps to install, configure and create landing pages and blogs by using SSG, SSR, markdown and the island architecture.


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Alessandro at 18:22 on 14 Apr 2023

Great talk! Thanks Fabio.

Mario Danelli at 18:26 on 14 Apr 2023

Clear and focused presentation!

Interesting talk

Interesting talk.

Carl Vuorinen at 17:41 on 21 Apr 2023

Very nice intro to Astro. Good talk by someone who is clearly enthusiastic so it was entertaining and engaging.
And your accent doesn't matter, everyone understood what you were saying, so don't worry about it 👍