ChatGPT is cool, but baking AI features directly into your application can supercharge your app's (and your user's!) true potential.
I want to share what I've learned in the last year, building an ambitious, real-time collaborative, high-performance, AI-assisted text editing application using TypeScript, and what you need to know to build one yourself.


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Brilliant, entertaining and inspiring. Enough to make me reconsider some aspects I've had around the whole "AI" craze. Probably my favourite talk.

It was spectacular and inspiring, with a really great use case and I think that the “we don’t allow you to pretend to be another author” was a perfect grounding of AI ethics in an example.

Bonobo at 11:56 on 14 Apr 2023

Great talk and project

Great talk, great presentation, great product!
Best talk of the two days for me

Alessandro at 18:26 on 14 Apr 2023

Great talk. Amazing slides :) Thanks

this talk was amazing and the tool si so cool!

Very Very Very Great Talk

Carl Vuorinen at 17:35 on 21 Apr 2023

Simply an amazing talk.
✅ Great slides
✅ Interesting content
✅ Well presented with good balance of background info, technical content and humor
✅ Engaging, moving and thought provoking