Software is meant to be alive, interactive, and experience shared best with your friends and colleagues. Building applications like these have always been difficult for mere mortals - they're expensive, hard to build and maintain, and never quite right ...until now. Over the last few years, changes in the ecosystem and platform capabilities have made the building blocks for building real-time collaborative applications much more accessible and within the reach of developers like you and me. I'd like to show you some of the work I've been doing in this area, as well as participate in a demo built on this technology.


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Sunil is three steps ahead of the game as usual. Great presentation and extremely valuable, current and forward-looking approach to stateful edge computing.

Anonit at 12:28 on 14 Apr 2023

Great slides, dev jokes, interaction, laughs

Alessandro at 18:28 on 14 Apr 2023

Great presentation and contents. Thanks

Francesco at 21:15 on 14 Apr 2023

Great interactive talk!

Super interesting and very relevant to the work I'm doing now. I'll be looking into Partykit for sure. Funny presentation, I enjoyed it a lot.

Carl Vuorinen at 17:38 on 21 Apr 2023

This one was very interesting, well presented talk and got me thinking about potential use cases for the product... Hope I just find the time to implement some of them 😅