JS is a language in constant evolution and has accelerated for more than 10 years.
Half of the time we're writing code before it's standardised, and plenty of articles get written about things we can do that maybe we just don't get to. Maybe there are some dots that aren't joined up. With plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of interest in getting more out of the standards, I will present some newer syntax and standard APIs.
I'll present them not just as ideas but showing where, when and how you can use them in order to get more meaning out of the code that we write using only the language itself.


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Interesting intervention

Very good idea and some interesting points, but perhaps could have used more in the way of new JS features (as there are a lot of new ones).


A good one

Carl Vuorinen at 17:17 on 21 Apr 2023

The analogy about language sentence structure was nice, and the technical content was ok. Just hoped there would have been a bit more new things. Didn't really learn much as I already knew about the language features covered in this talk.