We, as streaming service users, consume daily movies and media that are easily accessible and can be enjoyed mostly on every device and any browser.
However, this is not always the case. There are still many industries that deal with data that initially have extensions not supported by browsers and thus they are not immediately available for visualization and usage.
The problem is certainly very common in HealthCare companies that have to deal with data coming from Medical Devices (ultrasound scan, CT scan…), and that come next handled, visualized and used in Web Applications to provide Digital Services or for Artificial Intelligence implementations. These companies face the problem of converting in real time a large amount of data, and they need fast, reliable and scalable solutions.
During this talk, I’ll show you how to make large amounts of media files available in browsers and web applications, by creating a service with Typescript, NodeJS, and fluent-ffmpeg, in a serverless application to ensure availability and scalability.


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Very nice speech I worked with ffmpeg myself and I liked the proposed solution for a common problem. Hope Martina keeps up with public speaking as she is very good at it.

I liked very much this talk.

This was a great overview of a case study, with a lot of detail.