Today's digital landscape has become a fast-paced environment where businesses constantly look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce latency, and improve user experience. Micro-frontends offer a new approach to front-end development, addressing these challenges by breaking down monolithic front-ends applications into smaller, independent, and reusable components, making them easier to deploy, manage, and scale. As part of this talk, we will explore micro-frontends and how to gradually incorporate the architecture into existing codebases using Cloudflare Workers. It can be time-consuming to completely migrate a legacy application using the micro-frontends approach, so we'll explore ways to effectively and efficiently adopt and implement micro-frontends. This talk will give attendees a strong foundation for creating micro-frontends powered by Cloudflare Workers to enable them to enhance their applications leading to better user experience and increased performance.


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Talk was more interesting towards the end, but it took a while to get to the "meat" of the topic imo.


Nice one, just a little be more willing to answer either in short or not to the questions without turn 'em around