A few tips that i learned along the way on how to build production-grade lambdas using AWS: testing, logging, metrics, tracing, infrastructure as code, code-reuse, frameworks and more! Writing Lambdas is quite easy, at the end of the day it is just a function, right?! But writing GOOD production-grade lambdas, well that is an entirely other story. In this talk, I will share some of the tips and tricks that I learned building Lambda functions in Node.js during the last 6 years. We will talk about code organisation and code reuse, testing, logging, metrics, tracing, infrastructure as code and more.


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Talk interesting and well exposed

Really good talk and informative, though it overlapped with the talk after it in terms of content.

I really enjoyed this: it was content that was new to me but I didn’t feel like an idiot for not being already connected. The explanations of the concepts were very well done, as was the data.
I didn’t feel the weight of the boilerplate during the presentation to then feel invested in the resolution, but I understood it. The only thing I’d have liked to see on top was a concrete context: what is a case where I’d use a lambda, what’s the event, and then I follow the flow. But as-is I really enjoyed the talk.