Javascript as a Programming Language: Versioning, Test Driven Development & Continuous Integration


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Anonymous at 20:44 on 12 May 2011

there wasn't to much code

Anonymous at 20:50 on 12 May 2011

The speech was good, but it was too generic for my taste. Working on daily basis with TDD and CI on a java environment, from the title and the abstract, I expected something less introductive and more real life grounded, to apply TDD principles and methodology in a JS context.

I really think that 70% of your audience usually don't make tests and without an example they are not be able to understand the power (or the beauty) of a TDD well done (which is useful to you and your large scale company, but can also be a powerful tool for every one).

thanks for the feedback: I will add some more code in the future (what do you think about workshops as well?)

some resources:

my slides

the working copy of the code I presented

and all the presentations of christian johansen (the author of javascript test driven development) that are more about coding tests than about the setup of the environment

ps- I have to rate myself to comment so I will be stick on the average

Interesting talk but I didn't quite understand the process of versioning third party libs... if a brand-new jQuery library breaks, I just revert back to the one that worked... how and why would you automate such a process?

Very good information about TDD and continuos integration. Thanks!

Anonymous at 09:53 on 14 May 2011

interesting talk, it was a little too general though. and I didn't think it very nice that a talk announced in english is held in italian even if there were people in the room not understanding italian

Anonymous at 15:02 on 14 May 2011

@lea the talk was announced italian/english with italian as main language: look at the schedule

@lmatteis: is not about versioning external libraries: it's about your code. jquery is already versioned.. at most you could resolve the dependency during continuous integration build process instead of copy and paste the file in your own repo.. but that's all

interesting talk but I would have liked to enter a little more in deep. Ehm... where can I buy the guns?