Last Month in PHP


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Dan Holmes at 18:33 on 1 Jun 2016

Great stuff! Certainly things I needed to know! ImageMagik for sure, but great review on new RFCs for PHP 7.1.

great use of code examples with supporting info on the side, etc.

Joseph Maxwell at 18:41 on 1 Jun 2016

Thanks for putting this together. Yikes, that ImageMagick vulnerability sounds bad. Looking forward to those new PHP 7.1 features.

John Kary at 00:48 on 2 Jun 2016

Eric always speaks enthusiastically when summarizing the important happenings in the PHP world over the last month. He comes across accessible and approachable. His calm and collected demeanor somehow hides his giddiness for the subject which is obviously a labor of love. I look forward to this presentation each month! I'm even more impressed with this month's delivery as I learned later Eric was not feeling well. I never would have guessed from his passionate delivery!