Build Promotion with Jenkins


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This was a great overview of Jenkins and PHP. It is always great to hear personal experience with project before I try something out.

Great overview of Jenkins and how it has added value to your everyday business. It's a goal of mine to implement it on a few of my larger projects so hearing these success stories is a great motivator.

A great balance of personal experience and technical knowledge.

Your endeavors this year have certainly put you at the top of a very short list of Kansas City DevOps experts driving automated PHP deployment for a remote dev team. For those who may not have been too familiar with Jenkins they may not have realized any and all of what you have layered on were options--and not all required to just get started with continuous integration.

That said, it is so great to see a glimpse into such a successful and complete CI strategy. It was also great to hear about how the act of just preparing to automate it forced your legacy software to be rearranged in ways to add source control and separating deployable code from all of your other assets.

It was great to see what you are doing with PHP and Jenkins and I'm glad you could come share it with us!

CI can often feel like the boring plumbing that keeps your team going, but Kevin's personal experience building up CI for his team really shown through. His anecdotes were personal and engaging, which can be easy to gloss over in an infrastructure talk. I love that he was able to show during the presentation how a new commit flowed through the build stages and made it to production. Kevin also fielded questions with ease and was able to answer every question asked.

I really enjoyed this talk and would love to see more on Jenkins and Continuous Intergrasion/Deployment

This was a timely talk since I have been tasked with looking at getting our Bamboo CI server to more easily deploy our code and spin up new, yet temporary snapshots. Learning what Kevin is doing with Jenkins and how he's doing it has given me better insight into what I can and should do with our Bamboo server.

Slides from the presentation are available at: