The FizzBuzz kata with test-driven design


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It has inspired me to try Kata and using the FizzBuzz example of test-driven development.

Great example to use to demonstrate TDD. Great talk!

This was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I'd even love to see it be a semi-regular thing. I enjoyed that the example was nothing more than necessary, starting from a blank directory and using composer for the auto-loading, installing phpunit, etc. I really see this as the "part 2" with last month's talk..and it was worth the wait.

5/5 stars. I somehow submitted this without providing a rating, and editing the post doesn't let me change my rating.

Eric structured this talk very well. He introduced Composer and how to use it to install PHPUnit. This alone would be insightful for anyone wanting to get deeper into modern PHP. Eric really shined during the ping-pong TDD portion of the talk. His pacing was likely slow enough for a beginner and fast enough for someone familiar with writing tests. Eric carried a very friendly and approachable demeanor throughout his talk and interacted well with the audience when asking for how the audience through to proceed. It felt personal and safe.

My only suggestions would be to polish the delivery of the Composer portion. A little bit of futzing around getting autoloading setup and digging into composer.json could lose someone not familiar with it. I also would like to have heard more about the *why* behind TDD and what it affords the developer. Thinking about the various comfort levels an audience member might have, what one thing would you like each level to walk away with? How to think about something? How to do something specific?