What's New in PHP7


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Eric Poe at 22:38 on 6 Jan 2016

Great talk! The topic was very timely and drew a lot of interest to the PHP User Group meeting. I appreciated that modesty in which Joseph felt comfortable in stating "I don't know" to certain audience questions and "let's find out" to others as he would open up an http://3v4l.org session to try to find an answer. Overall, the talk was very engaging.

Presentation style:
This was one of Joseph's less confident talks I've seen. At the end of each topic, Joseph would let out a breath of air as if that slide was a huge struggle. Practice on giving the presentation will make it better! On the other hand, the personalized slide theme and selected images were spot on -- I hope to someday approach the design style Joseph so effortlessly radiates.

Weakest link:
A lot of time was spent on discussing a topic that Joseph kept reiterating on was an edge case. If it's an edge case and we're talking about what's new and awesome about PHP7, briefly mention it and move on. If the talk is about edge cases or esoterica of PHP7, then focus on that; in this case, however, it should have been briefly mentioned, if at all.

Jesse Maxwell at 08:28 on 7 Jan 2016

This was a great talk! In lieu of the launch of PHP7 and a number of other major framework and platform release in late 2015, there is a lot to learn about the new things now on the table for PHP developers. I liked the information about the important changes and additions in PHP7. The presentation was great, and the live demonstrations were helpful in making some of the more complicated things clear.

Anna M. at 15:34 on 11 Jan 2016

I really enjoyed this talk. I thought it was very informative regarding all the latest features of PHP7. Joseph does a great job at covering the broad range of PHP coders from beginners to experienced making it understandable for all. I came away excited about what PHP7 has to offer.