Regular Expressions


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Great work with the presentation, James. I appreciate the refresher on regex. There is such power in that system, and it is challenging to know how to put the pieces together.

If I had one suggestion to offer it would be to change the end of the presentation and look at how one could parse a URL (or a phone number or something similar). For me, knowing how to put things together is still something that is being learned and I am very green at that.

Thanks for going to all the work to put the talk together!

Regular Expressions: difficult to learn and even more difficult to master -- however, you showed you are well on your way! You did a great job with background, basic syntax, etc. I liked the hook of the "terminator" -- and I have no doubt I will now think of your talk the next time I use anything RegEx because of it. If you get the chance to give it again, I would like to see a little more interaction or demonstration in it. For example, I loved the use of grep at the end--that could have been a very effective way to walk though layering up some basic grep syntax. Even having a page from the made-up Sarah Conner phone book page in a text file and trying different patterns live may help learners of different styles. In all, great prep and great work! Thank you for all the effort!

Nice work! I would try to include some hands-on/live coding of some of your examples like the Sarah Connor one. It would have been nice to see a list and watch how greedy and lazy searches actually work against that list.