Introduction to PHPExcel


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Great overview of PHPExcel! Thanks.

Dan Holmes at 19:16 on 6 Jul 2016

Really appreciated the talk. PHPExcel is certainly an unsung hero in PHP. I thought it was great you gave me reasons why I should listen up and care up front. We sometimes rest on our simple .csv functions, but you are right...our users love excel files more.

Touring some of the key examples was also very helpful. Seeing the charting was very new for me. Great to see it, looks beautiful. Also, seeing formula's work is also nice.

I would have been fine with just hearing "1.9 is coming, but is still very raw and in development" and maybe replaced it with a quick walkthrough of some of the docs just to get an idea of the scope of PHPExcel's API.

Very glad you gave this introduction and shared your creation with the group! It's certainly something I hope makes it into more PHP dev's toolbox.

Roger Ward at 11:15 on 7 Jul 2016

This will be extreemely useful for analytics projects in the future!