Grav is a up and coming flat-file content management that can be easily leveraged as a blog, single page site, or simple brochure site. But pigeon-holing Grav to just those applications is selling it short. In this talk, I'll show you how you can leverage the built in features of Grav to publish a podcast without ever touching PHP code.


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John Kary at 10:06 on 8 Jun 2017

Andrew put in a lot of work for this talk to cover an introduction to flat-file CMS vs database CMS and where Grav has its strengths compared to other CMS's. The technology behind Grav could be a talk in itself, but Andrew took us much deeper seamlessly weaving together an actual project he launched integrating Twig template engine to output both a website and XML podcast feed. It's obvious Andrew was sharing a passion of his accompanied by deep technical knowledge making this talk accessible and entertaining to all skill levels. This talk would be right at home at any conference! Very well done.