Rethinking Loops


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Cynthia Brown at 21:17 on 2 Mar 2016

Awesome talk! It really got me thinking about different ways to code solutions to a problem.

Anna M. at 16:33 on 3 Mar 2016

I appreciated John's ideas for breaking out of the mold of always using for and foreach. I left Rethinking Loops with much new information and excited to start using in daily php coding.

Paul Barham at 10:27 on 4 Mar 2016

Besides the discussion of using array mapping functions, the suggested reading list on code techniques was appreciated.

Eric Poe at 17:10 on 5 Mar 2016

This talk inspires one to be a more expressive programmer. John's gentle enthusiasm and careful planning take this talk from common boilerplate functions through a more expressive functional programming goal. I was impressed by many parts of this talk:
* A video example of refactoring-to-expressive rather than live-coding
* The bon mots he sprinkles throughout
* The many examples of how one can improve one's understanding of code
* The joy John exudes when speaking about this subject

I am humbled that John chose to use my Haystack library as a featured party for his talk.

I look forward to seeing this talk again at Lone Star PHP in April.

Jesse Maxwell at 20:30 on 9 Mar 2016

This was absolutely excellent. John stepped back and approached the concept, the idea, of ways to approach problems common to PHP developers. But, not just as a new approach, or a simply a different way to write the same thing, but instead, how to make your code easier for other developer (and yourself) to read and understand. He concluded by giving practical examples of how one would go about implementing these concepts. Fantastic content and great style!