Writing Better Code with the New PHP 7


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Steven Bitner at 21:40 on 4 May 2016

A very useful overview of the new features in PHP7 that matter to developers from a day-to-day perspective. Joseph had a thorough understanding of the features and how they could be used to enhance an application well done and good luck at Tek.

Eric Poe at 09:06 on 5 May 2016

Good rundown on the biggest changes in PHP7. Some of the slide illustrations are brilliant! Speaking style and this talk have greatly improved since it was first given a few months ago!

Some things to consider:

* Before the talk, ensure that the 3v4l.org links are still active. I don't know if they have a TTL, but I would hope that at least hitting the link would extend its TTL. :)
* An RFC was mentioned during the talk that allowed for multiple return types or mixed parameter types. I could not find that RFC. Be sure that you know if this RFC exists or not.
* A polyfill was mentioned to allow for `mysql_*` functions in PHP7. What is this polyfill?
* Examples at the bottom of the screen should be moved higher so that those sitting behind others in the audience can see the example.

Again, great job! I know you'll do well at php[tek].