A presentation on Chapters 1 & 2 of "Working Effectively with Legacy Code"


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John Kary at 10:33 on 8 Nov 2018

I think this book club format will continue to work really well! Great work navigating the group into uncharted waters with this new format.

The pacing was just right and rarely felt slow. The slides were vague enough to show the author's point and present time for discussion. Your own anecdotes were timely and valuable. All points had enough detail to intrigue someone to read the material, but not so much detail that it excluded someone who had not read it.

I liked the open questions posed to the audience for discussion. Our attendees have various backgrounds and experience levels, so I know not everyone will have something to add. I wonder if after presenting the author's main points in a chapter we could pose an audience question to facilitate discussion. As for how to do that, write down your internal dialog/questions/ideas as you read, then prompt the audience for their thoughts or experiences.

Thank you for leading discussion and let's keep trying this!

Eric Poe at 11:05 on 8 Nov 2018

I enjoyed this talk. I also really like the idea of talking about a chapter or two from a book since that can add some really interesting discussions and conversation in the user-group get-together. This is a great topic and I love that it's usable by anyone from any dev background and any dev language. Well done!