I've Been Hacked, Now What?


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Good presentation last night. Thank you for sharing with us. Could you please post that Treelinedesign url that you briefly showed last night, so that I can look at your slides/notes?

Thanks again. Dave Rodman www.rodmandesign.com

Another great talk by Beth! After seeing several of her talks, I'm convinced that Beth is a natural teacher. She knows just the right level of detail to go to and picks out just the right places to include examples. She is also good at handling questions that get thrown in at unexpected times and then getting right back into it wherever she left off. I would highly recommend Beth in any "technical instruction" talks she gives.

Anonymous at 14:44 on 17 Apr 2013

Great talk! Thinks for coming out. :-)

I enjoyed the talk! Thank you for taking the time to come all the way down to Optics. It would be good to mention to always use sftp when available (especially on public networks) and to check html/php files for odd javascript ( eval(decode(bla)) ) as it is common for sites to be hacked at both the php level (inserting direct html) and javascript (inserting [removed] tags that insert html/malware).

Good talk, some good tips in there.