Opening keynote - Fun with categories


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Anonymous at 11:55 on 28 Mar 2015

Cool to hear about Kleisli
A slow and clear approach to monads with a good example

Anonymous at 18:59 on 28 Mar 2015

Paolo Laurenti at 20:02 on 28 Mar 2015

Wonderful keynote, clear and fascinating

Anonymous at 21:20 on 28 Mar 2015

Awesome! But FP has been ignored for decades, so if it is "the current revolution but category theory will be the next" I'm afraid I'll be retired by then :)
Also I feel like category theory for me may be too abstract as a starting point. But after practicing enough FP some pattern may eventually emerge providing the necessary intuition to support reasoning in terms of category.
Great talk anyway.

Beatifully executed bait-and-switch. The examples were very well selected to show the beauty of mapping theoretical concepts to real-world use cases.

great keynote, inspiring.

Great keynote! Great choice in terms of speaker and topic!

Anonymous at 14:25 on 29 Mar 2015

As usual, attending Bartosz's talks is really inspiring. I appreciated a lot his introduction on the essence of programming.

Bartosz never betray expectations. With his steady peace and clear voice, he showed the audience the benefits of abstractions through a musical example, before descending into how we should aim to write our code as close as possible to math, via the powerful tool Category Theory is.

This was an amazing talk: Milewski’s talk used examples from C++ and pictures of pigs to explain basic category theory, and how these concepts are useful for solving practical programming problems. He then moved onto building a writer monad for logging audit data in a banking application in C++. If you are either new to functional programming or you work with people who are not functional programmers, this talk should go to the top of your watch list as soon as the video is available.