Beyond PHP: It’s Not (Just) About the Code


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Anonymous at 11:53 on 28 Aug 2014

Anonymous at 11:53 on 28 Aug 2014

Very nice talk!

Nice aproach, great talk for (novice) code monkeys like myself

Very good talk. We learned a lot of practical information that we'll be able to implement immediately in our own workflow.


Great talk - a good reminder that our applications really are more than just the code we put together to serve client requirements.

Took a few pointers away, specifically relating to mysql query optimisation and some sysadmin monitoring.

Pace was good, language was clear. Nothing to suggest in regards to improvement.

Practical and humorous talk from a fellow Belgian! Not specifically Laravel-oriented, but very educational for people new to DB and query optimization. Real examples of common bottlenecks in large websites, followed by working solutions, made this talk a joy to watch and hear! PS: I'm having a suspicion of 2 of the 3 'mystery' companies! I'll make a guess sometime! :)

Very interesting examples. Makes me want to learn more about logging and monitoring servers.

Anonymous at 20:04 on 28 Aug 2014

Good talk! Nice to see some business examples as well :)

Very good talk, with nice examples and tips every developer should know. Maybe next time pick a greater font size for the code examples. :D Thanks!

Eye opening if you look into the code for every problem

I absolutely loved this talk. Using different tools outside the PHP domain to spot problems and analyse things really makes sense. As a PHP community it's important to understand where our "domain" starts and ends, just as important is to know how we can look beyond that. Very well executed, it set the bar nice and high for the rest of the speakers.

A well laid out talk with good real world examples and with a lot of great tips for that pesky slow MySQL query and general do's and don'ts.

We learned quite a bit of tips that we can apply right away in any (Laravel or older codebase) project.

Brilliant use cases. Plenty of relevant scenarios to the audience members to help get the information across.