Decoupling the Model from the Framework


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Anonymous at 11:50 on 30 Aug 2014

Great conceptual introduction into DDD, although I think the concepts might be more clear with slides

Got my mind spinning crazy.

Anonymous at 17:27 on 30 Aug 2014

I wanted to dive deeper into this subject. I like the idea of "event storming" before diving into actual code.

Overal a good talk. I found it hard to follow sometimes without slide to help. At first I was afraid you'd lose me in the first few minutes, but I quickly got caught up in the excellent narrative.

Still.. Next time, use the slides. Perhaps use a blank one for the parts were you want us to visualize without code ?

Anonymous at 17:11 on 31 Aug 2014

Not having slides may seem a nice experiment of "fun" to you as a speaker, but would prefer slides for the following reasons:

- to visual people like me it is extremely hard to come to a conclusion.
- it looked like there was no structure in the talk. Not having slides made you jump from a topic to another without breaks.
- code samples would help to understand the examples better

Anonymous at 17:51 on 31 Aug 2014

The lack of slides was a mixed blessing. I think that developers sometimes focus too much on reproducing patterns. Also, you could fill many talks with discussions about the patterns that can be used to implement these ideas. I believe that takes the ideas into a completely different direction.

It's my opinion that the concept and benefits of decoupling is clearly not thoroughly understood as well as we might like to believe. Being able to focus on that concept without being distracted by patterns is a positive. I can easily imagine developers suggesting that "decoupling" should be achieved with a specific pattern and leaving their implementation of the concept to that.

The lack of slides only really damaged the talk in minor ways. I believe that if you consider the questions and observe the moments in which you must create examples and become slightly more prepared for those with pre-considered examples it could become easier to follow.

I rate 5 stars not because it's perfect, not because it couldn't be improved. But, because I received strong value and appreciated the focus on education over memorization and reproduction.

Thanks for the talk. It was really intriguing. The mental adventure without the slides was amazing. How about that if you end up doing more talks without slides, have your own (printed?) cheatsheet for examples as it's really hard to invent/remember good examples on the fly :)

Having slides would have been nice as an extra resource but the speaker absolutely did not need the help. His level of understanding and experience at explaining this topic was abundantly clear and he covered a lot of valuable points that were re-iterated throughout the day.