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Anonymous at 17:35 on 28 Aug 2014

At first the talk seemed to be prepared really badly. But I soon realized the speaker was just too nervous. Content-wise it actually was a good presentation, but it just didn't come across as one.

But it is to be expected from anyone first presentation. If you take that into consideration, it wasn't that bad. And the speaker did much better in the question round.

I really hope Xander will continue speaking because with some simple tips next time could be much better.

For example:
- The screen behind you is for the audience, not for you. Don't look at it. Ever! Except at the start to verify it shows the presentation. If you need it as a guide, make sure it show on your laptop.
- If someone tells you to talk into the mic and you're not comfortable standing statically behind your computer, ask for a mobile mic. There were enough. Now you lost almost half the audience because they could barely hear you.

The nervousness is something that goes away with practice. Don't feel ashamed about it, 90% of the people in the audience would never want to trade places because they would be to afraid.

Best wishes,

Completely agree with Jochem Fuchs - The content had potential, the talk was probably well prepared, but the speaker's nervousness didn't do it justice. That being said, I still enjoyed parts of it and I'm definitely in the 90% of the people Jochem mentioned :)

Completely agree with Jochem Fuchs.

Hope to see you speak again! With great practice comes great performance :-)

Anonymous at 23:57 on 1 Sep 2014