In-depth Laravel Tips and Tricks


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Really surprising talk. I think the talk name itself is probably a little under-represented - VERY in-depth more like it!

Great talk, well presented, very easy to follow. Kudos!

Anonymous at 17:35 on 28 Aug 2014

I've been at other talks for Andreas and he seems really good at compressing large amounts of information in one simple understandable presentation. My head was spinning afterwards, but I still gained great new insights of the talk.

Is there slides for this talks?

Andreas' talk to me was the highlight of the day. A lot of in-depth knowledge presented straight to the point. Thanks and please do more talks for the php community!

Anonymous at 00:22 on 31 Aug 2014

Great speaker. Best talk of the Community Day at Laracon EU 2014.

A very in depth talk in which I learned a lot of cool little tricks on packages, service providers, views and much much more.

I really liked your pace and style of presenting. Hope to see you again at the next Laracon!

Great talk, maybe a little too much info crammed in but definitely well presented and explained.