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Mind blown

Anonymous at 17:13 on 30 Aug 2014

Combination of useful and very interesting stuff. Good job!

Enjoyed this talk and (re)learned to think differently about development. We are all used so much to our OO concepts and best practice design patterns, that our view can become tunneled. I've read an earlier edition of 'the little schemer' a long time ago - a lisp dialect highly recommended to broaden and sometimes bend your mind. Even if you will never use Lisp in the future, this book is still worth reading. This talk was still relevant I think, but talking down on php at a php conference could have been handled more subtle :))

A bit too difficult for me, but no problem.

Anonymous at 20:10 on 30 Aug 2014

I didn't expected your talk to be as interesting as I found it to be, thanks a lot for speaking and please keep the good work up. You've actually inspired me to take a look into Lisp, as I found it very eye-opening.

This was not only a talk about Lisp, this was a talk about building and/or extending programming languages, which I think it's always relevant and very informative. It's a difficult topic that couldn't be handled in a more relaxed and interesting way than what Igor did. As he said, it's mind-bending!

There are a few amazing things about Igor's talk. First, that *anyone* is intelligent and interested enough to learn and love the things he does. Second, that both Laracon conference organizers had the wisdom to step outside of Laravel- and PHP-specific topics to see that we could derive value from talks about Lisps and Abstract Machines. And third, that Igor is so capable of distilling things like this that they're actually followable.

I'll admit, he lost me a little after the halfway point of the abstract machines talk at Laracon US, but I recognize that folks with a little more Computer Science experience than me followed fine. But I followed this one perfectly the entire time, and really appreciate the way it's helped me to understand the general use and control flow of all programming languages in general.


Way over my head but very well presented by someone who is at the top of their game

Way over my head but very well presented by someone who is at the top of their game

Anonymous at 11:40 on 31 Aug 2014

It's always a pleasure to see Igor in action. He's part mad-scientist, part artist, and is a relaxed and supportive person.

Uncle Bob starts his courses with a quick science lesson. It helps to build a sense of wonder for the natural world and to open one's mind to think of things outside of the usual context.

I believe that Igor's talk definitely opened the minds of the audience. I also agree with Matt that this talk was easier in general for the audience to follow despite the varied backgrounds of the attendees.

Well done.

A (for me) difficult topic very well explained!

Very interesting. Not something I was expecting at all at Laracon. Still not sure if any of it will really help me in any way in future. But still very interesting.

Anonymous at 17:19 on 31 Aug 2014

Your talk was very informative for encyclopedic of academic interest, but it was irrelevant to a PHP developer conference.

Anonymous at 17:58 on 31 Aug 2014

Once one learns more about programming and how their language works and is used it becomes clear how this type of education is relevant. Keep reading and learning and don't give up.

Although people were complaining this talk being irrelevant to a PHP event, it was funny and educating. Developers should be interested in new and other options even as in theoretical skim-through level. Maybe one day you need, maybe not but they are good to know. Thanks for the talk!

This was by far the most progressive talk of the day. In many ways abstract but also so concrete in "thinking outside of the box". It was entertaining, bind bending and inspirational. Thank you for this. Great call on not having all the questions at the end, it gave people a chance to catch up, wrap their heads around the impressive stream of information which was coming their way.

Lisp is always something I've been curious about. Looking at the programme this talk immediately stuck out as one that was going to have nothing to do with Laravel but the speaker did well to try and throw in some PHP comparisons to keep his audience entertained.

I just loved all the hugs <3