The State of Laravel


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Very very excited about the Contracts

Great explaining the new documentstructure and features coming up.

Socialize, i can't wait.

Really liked hearing about the new features! Can't wait for the next release of Laravel

Absolutely brilliant! I love what your doing with Laravel. Love Socialize ( Slightly mad, because I was planning something similar ;) )

The folder structure needs some getting used to, but for the most part I do see the benefits.

Anonymous at 17:07 on 31 Aug 2014

Great presentation.

As a listener though, I don't like it when the speaker asks "Are you with me?" or "is this clear?", because it doesn't make sense to respond just "no".

I would find it better if you would just ask if we have questions or just don't ask anything.

Great to see someone coding under pressure to show their confidence in their work. All that was missing was some whiteboard coding.