Integrating Doctrine with Laravel


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Anonymous at 14:29 on 28 Aug 2014

Good talk! Quick, practical intro!

Fantastic, but spoke a little too quickly and the talk itself seemed to be put together at the last minute. Understandable it's a lightning talk, but was a little hard to follow at parts.

Will actually be altering my talk slightly to address some points raised in this talk, so that was great :)

Anonymous at 17:34 on 28 Aug 2014

What I missed in this talk was really a good comparison between AR and DM or specifically Doctrine and Eloquent.

It left me with feeling Doctrine was a major step backwards, which can't really be the case. But as someone who has never worked with it, many of its workings seemed alien. It really seemed aimed at existing doctrine users and I was hoping ( perhaps in vain, retrospectively ) it would also provide some insight for people that don't use it at all.

But I guess a lightning talk is too short to really properly talk about this.

Also, use a different color scheme for your code examples, even with the lights dimmed a lot of it was very hard to read from the back. There wasn't enough contrast.

Good talk! Maybe speak a little more slowly and make slides more readable.

You spoke like a machine gun but that topic was a nice overview

Anonymous at 00:24 on 31 Aug 2014

Interesting topic and good talk but the speaker was way to fast.

Good talk, got me interested into using Doctrine with Laravel. Yes it was fast at times, but I found it fairly easy to understand. Maybe an explanation of the benefits in relation to DDD + short example on relationships would be a good addition.

Knowing the speaker and having seen his talks in the past, I can surely say Mitchell's speaking skills have improved a lot! Super happy to see that growth. As a piece of constructive feedback I would say that it could go toward the point a little faster. When that happens you can then give a couple of examples more easily so people first, 1) get the concepts, 2) see the implementation, 3) see the possibilities. Having a structure like this, where you also have examples probably would have exposed the absence of relations in the talk during the writing process of the talk. The thing that kept me from giving the full 5 stars was that and that alone. I liked the humor, I liked the overview that was given in the talk and I liked the way he handled the crowd.

I was very interested in this talk because I was curious about the benefits of Doctrine v.s. Eloquent.

However I didn't feel like this was touched sufficiently enough that I left the talk with a good sense of; this is Doctrine and it's better to use it in x way for my project.

I agree with the other commentators on the pace and legibility of the shown code. A bigger font size with better contrast would have been better.

Anonymous at 23:55 on 1 Sep 2014