Behaviour-Driven development with Behat and PHPSpec


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I greatly appreciated the practical exercise of digging necessary business rule information out of the client ... and then subsequently turning that into code by writing scenarios and specs, and using the tool automation to drive the coding. While I've done some of this previously there were several things that "clicked" better by doing this in the workshop environment.

Konstantin is a very good teacher and presenter. He's patient and has solid answers to pretty much every kind of question ... and was able to help many of us get back in-step if something was going wrong because he could quickly see and share the necessary solution.

His methodical explanation of the concepts made the learning easy.

Konstantin had a well-prepared git repo available for us to all work with, with branches prepared at several strategic breakpoints.

One "grow point": The afternoon pace picked up a lot, and sometimes it was hard to follow along. Perhaps it would have been good to have used some of those git resets and branch changes a little earlier so we could have covered a little more content together.

Thanks Konstantin! I got a lot out of this workshop.

Amazing talk by Kudryashov as an experienced programmer who can focus on true cost effectiveness of 'enhancing your coding in the right phase of a short or long term project development'

I had a very good experience and learned a lot. I agree with everything Chris Brown is saying about this workshop.

Anonymous at 09:56 on 28 Aug 2015