Chasing "Perfect"


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Great talk. Excellent delivery. Handled live coding flawlessly

Great example on how a live coding session is done. Was really nice to see a more practical talk after the earlier talks.

Anonymous at 17:54 on 25 Aug 2015

Great talk and live demo! All examples very clear.

Michael Csáki at 19:45 on 25 Aug 2015

great talk and live coding session refactoring code. very good advice and unlike often when people do studd live everything worked excellently

Really well presented, the live coding was very well planned with no down time or skipped steps and you introduced something new to me (null objects). I really enjoyed it, thanks!

Well done, live coding was easy to follow. The getter methods were nicely handled by the trait so the most important code was in view.

Good live coding is always awesome ! Thanks

Anonymous at 20:37 on 25 Aug 2015

well done. exactly what i am expecting from a talk at laracon. useful. practical. live. well presented!

In a nutshell, what every talk should be like: dynamic, lively, interesting, well-paced, funny when it needs to be. And some great live code refactoring to add to the fun. I was already a big, big fan of Adam's Full Stack Radio podcast and him mentioning the Kent Beck interview specifically was so cool because it's easily my favorite episode of the bunch.

The actual refactoring was nothing extraordinary or out of left field but it served its purpose fantastically as an introductory demo to great OO practices. But it's not everyday you find someone who explains things in the best, most clear and concise way. Adam is one of those and I'm glad I was able to catch his presentation!

Live example of some of Uncle Bob's teachings! Really enjoyed the refactoring go so smoothly.

This is first time for me to see that someone know how to do live coding. Really good examples - very very interesting. The best talk so far!

What can I say: Live Coding FTW. You rocked this one Adam!

Twitter was abuzz with accolades of praise during this talk.

Lots of valuable information conveyed through practical examples. It's obvious the presenter does this sort of thing all the time, and clearly knows his subject.

There's a rather particular skill required to boil-down several concepts into concise examples which can then be taught to a room of 450 intelligent peers. I've seen Adam demonstrate this same professional competence with other talks he has presented, both with and without live coding. He's a skilled presenter worth keeping an eye on at future conferences!

Several questions were asked during the Q&A at the end, all of which Adam answered easily, confidently, and accurately.

Truly a relevant session for this event and this audience.

Karin van den Berg at 09:07 on 26 Aug 2015

Excellent talk and demo! I've been trying to improve my code in the same type of way, finding ways to eliminate nested conditionals but to see it demonstrated so clearly was awesome. Really got me eager to get back to my code and improve it. Also the first code-heavy talk that I could follow easily from start to finish. My favorite talk of the day.

I'm sure I will read what I write differently now. Thanks.

Anonymous at 15:13 on 26 Aug 2015

Great talk

Best talk of the day!

Andrew Westrope at 15:29 on 26 Aug 2015

For a dev like me who works solely on his own nice to 'work along' and see others do there thing. Helped a little with my imposter syndrome and also liked the use of the NullObject! Great job, well delivered.

Impressive and to the point

Loved the talk, nice to seem some code, which there wasnt a lot of. Will definitely taking your advice onboard when building my next project.

Fuck it, we'll do it live! Great live coding session, I'm amazed by how little typo's you made!

Anonymous at 00:03 on 27 Aug 2015

Best talk after Jeffrey's. Very relevant to the current line of thought several of the speakers voiced.

One of the best talks on laraconeu. Great speaker and even better performed live coding.

We need more of this kind of talks. Your talk was flawless! Great job!

One of my favourite talks, clear and to the point. Great examples and very engaging delivery.

The Title of this presentation says it all!


Very good talk. Loved the live coding part, it really gave me some great new insights in how to improve my own coding.

Very practical talk that includes advices on how to write clean code on daily basis. Usually having a few slides and lot of code and demos means that talk will be hard to follow but not this time. It was clear from the beginning to the end which is really hard to achieve. Highly recommended.

Anonymous at 09:49 on 28 Aug 2015

Finally a talk with technical content :) Excellent live coding, showing off the usefulness of tests in the process.

Excellent talk and live coding!

Nice talk well presented. One of the best talks this year!

Wow! To give a talk is not easy but to code and to talk I cant imaging. Great Topic and well performed Thanks.

Excellent talk, well worked example presented flawlessly live.