Dangerously effective domains with Doctrine


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Anonymous at 00:17 on 26 Aug 2015

A really useful introduction to Doctrine, as someone who has wanted to start using Doctrine for some time this course answered loads of my questions and have me a great starting point for working with it.

Ross is a talented speaker, experienced developer and a very friendly person.

His workshop was very well prepared: He sent a survey about what we expect from the workshop a few weeks before, and I was very happy to see that he worked hard to meet these expectations.

The demo project Ross choose, "Laracats", was funny but seriously approached to every detail, which was a perfect combination.

One think I would like to see is more subjects covered, by using the time from some not so relevant conversations started by some attendees. Also a personal preference would be not to have the "chose your adventure" question.

The workshop was one of the best experiences I had during the conference and I would definitively recommend Ross Tuck for your next workshop! (you won't regret it!)

Very good introduction to Doctrine by a professional instructor. Ross is a great guy. Funny and calm.

Doctrine is a huge project to cover in a single day workshop, but Ross managed to give a very good overall view of the basic features and some really great tips derived from his own experience.

Great job Ross!