Frontin' like a back-er


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Andrew Westrope at 15:51 on 25 Aug 2015

Little too 'heavy' for the time slot, for me anyway! Maybe make the code screenshots bigger. Enjoyed the intro!

Michael Csáki at 15:59 on 25 Aug 2015

Great talk. imo. Really cool introduction to react.js makes you wanna test it right away!!

Awesome talk! May have worked slightly better in an earlier time slot but that's no reflection on the presentation or content. Nailed it!

While I'm usually not interested in frontend stuff myself, I did find it interesting to look at it from a backend point of view. Frank gave an engaging talk, enticing people to discover React.JS although it may have become a little too dense at some point, probably losing a few people along the way. It also seemed like the argument against Angular, Backbone, etc, of those being too complex got a bit thin considering the React stuff was surely on the same level of complexity.

Cool talk title, too!

Could have a slide with an Elixir setup to show how to compile it and the yellow background was a bit too bright. However, interesting talk for many people I guess.

Anonymous at 20:19 on 25 Aug 2015

Really great talk, bigger font size for the code will be more readable :)

Anonymous at 21:04 on 25 Aug 2015

i missed vue.js! other than that... solid talk. could have gotten to the point/topic of react.js quicker. generally interesting. but missed the stronger link / examples to php applications

Anonymous at 21:22 on 25 Aug 2015

Great and funny presentation. I really sometimes thought I am the only one feeling that about JavaScript. Not really sure yet if React really solves "my" JS problems. Need to check it out myself. Frist your examples where great, but at the end I couldn't follow anymore. Too much code.
But a great and funny talk as I already mentioned

Sometimes hard to follow, if you've never used React... definitely encouraging if you're in the stroopwafel's mindset!

Solid talk with nice introduction to React.js. I do not like frontend but this talk was interesting and I will maybe test this one :-)

Frank is a great presenter, and always brings a fresh interesting perspective to things I hadn't considered yet. This talk was no exception.

Frank brings his wealth of experience to the fore every time he presents, and he is passionate about helping others to truly excel in their craft. In this talk Frank not only presented a useful intro to React.js, but also gave examples of "the alternatives" and explained tangibly how he arrived at his (current) preferred choice of tools. This is a classic trait of Frank's talks: useful relevant info plus the understanding and background behind how he arrived at his conclusions. This not only makes his talks educational, but it also empowers the listener to make better-informed choices themselves (and also "sell" those choices to decision-makers). Plus, Frank's casual demeanour makes him engaging and entertaining. After his talk he not only engaged in Q&A with the audience, giving confident useful answers, but he was also approachable and ready to happily answer questions anyone had about his talk.

While I have not personally used React.js yet, this talk has definitely inspired me to check it out on an upcoming project.

Great talk! It seems I'm part of the minority that actually likes working with javascript next to php. I loved your take on it!

Accept JS christ as your lord and savior!

I have a lot of interest in React I just havent built anything yet, but its definitely at the top of my todo list, great talk, I really enjoyed it.

Only criticism is that the code sample were a little hard to read.

- Didn't close the gap to laravel or elixir.
- Missed popular frameworks like angular.js

+ good presentation
+ nice introduction to react.js

This was one of the more technical talks and it was interesting to hear how some others are working with JS.

Leuke insteek van de presentatie van wie je vriend is!

Anonymous at 09:47 on 28 Aug 2015

Intro is a bit long. Make code screenshots bigger, or show actual code in an editor (without doing coding) which can be enlarged. Nice energy, was one of the better speakers both this year and last year.

Good introduction to React and Flux if you're not familiar with them. Probably opened a lots of eyes of developers. Well presented and quite clear to follow but unfortunately I'm familiar with React so nothing new information for me :/

Interesting Talk little to fast and YELLOW ;) but I think I will check for react.