The tao of Laravel


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Interesting reference to the sushi chef! Love it that he likes the making of it as wel as seeing people eat it. Laravel (and its related services/docs) receive that love for perfection also.
For a lot of people Spark wasn't really a surprise anymore, however it was nice to get it demonstrated during the talk.

Anonymous at 20:19 on 25 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 21:01 on 25 Aug 2015

first of all i think its great that taylor is flying out here to be part of the conference. i don't think its bad that he repeated his talk from laracon us. but i personally don't think that spark is that valuable. i am sure its great for quick prototyping, but too opiniated for more specific domains (teams/billing/plans). after all stripe is not very useful in europe (no direct debit support). i understand the intention of spark and am sure that it will help taylor (and others) to build more cool saas services. just hoping that it doesn't take away too much of taylors attention from all the other great stuff he has brought to us and has to maintain. we love you, taylor!

Great talk as always! Can't wait to try out Laravel spark on a project :)

Thanks for coming to Amsterdam again. And thanks for Spark, can't wait to play with it!

Nice but what about your next project, after Spark ?

Ok, but a bit too much sushi, and not much news. Except Spark, which will be fantastic!

Great talk, really enjoyed it.

I was thinking about giving a 3 to this talk. But I reconsidered it for the difference kind of subject it started with.
Yes, searching what the real meaning of life is can also be found in a job that differs completely from our's.
Hence, it introduced perfectly Spark, as result of what led Taylor to develop it.
A short talk though.
For I would have enjoyed a full hour of his voice.

Anonymous at 00:04 on 27 Aug 2015

Beside an epic coder, you're a really good speaker. Will definitely use Spark to build a hobby project that I've been sitting on for quite some time. Thanks!

Exciting to see Spark in action, hope it lives up to expectations, knowing Taylor's attention to detail I'm sure it will!

Looking forward to spark, but I would've loved a longer talk. Seemed to over so quickly

Spark looks interesting and Taylor is a great speaker but I was expecting more from this talk. There were some missed opportunities to talk about international issues like different currencies, languages, etc. Stripe isn't that useful in Europe were most people don't use or own credit cards.

It would've also been nice if some time was spend on talking about the state of the framework itself. How is it doing, upcoming features and improvements, areas of interest, etc. I think a lot of people would've been interested in that and there seemed to be enough time for it.

Anonymous at 09:46 on 28 Aug 2015

I love the whole concept of Spark is great, but I had already seen the Laracon US talk. To me, Taylor is THE headliner at the conference, so I was disappointed to see the same talk repeated… The state of laravel would be more interesting. Plans for the future perhaps? A glimpse into how Spark works and how you can use concepts from it in other types of applications?

Beside Spark demo I expected to hear more from this talk

Great to see you live! I really like Spark! But I think it is really important to take a little more attention to the different needs in payment!