Curing The Common Loop (With Collection Pipelines)


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Smooth. Nailed it!

Michael Teeuw at 19:00 on 24 Aug 2016

Extremely interesting talk. Perfect setup. This is how a tech talk should be. Would be great if you could do a guest Laracast series.

Nice talk with live coding :)

Liked the way you talked while refactoring. From now on I'am trying to avoid for loops and temp vars as well.

Thanks for your interesting talk and maybe see you next year.

Robert Wright at 23:05 on 24 Aug 2016

Very interesting talk! Loved the live refactor as it gave it a very usable feel and showed how easy it was to apply those principals.

Really interesting talk and good examples, especially the live coding made it feel very applicable.
You mentioned some criticism you had heard regarding performance etc, it would be nice if you could have elaborated more on that, and some pros and cons in that regard.

Loved the live coding examples where you walked through the thinking process of refactoring "ugly loops", it really made the examples on the slides you showed earlier much easier to understand.

Very nice work!

Best talk of Laracon. This was the quality I expected to be on Laracon. Nice examples in Laravel. I really learned something from this. Hope next year there will be more talks like these. Also, Adam has great presentation skills, he talked clearly and not too fast. Thank you!

So much information we can start using today. Thank you very much Adam!

The best live coding I ever see! Congrats for your talk ;)

But next time, use a WHERE to grab data form DB and not filter them juste after query :p

Stefan S at 12:14 on 25 Aug 2016

Nice and interesting talk.

Will try more of these refactorings myself.

Perfect as always=) I just read the book and saw the Laracon US video which was the same, so not much new but still fine.

Good stuff.

martin morlog at 13:09 on 25 Aug 2016

not much new for me,
but from now on while coding, will never forget the 3 things you hate.
very well explained,
wish i had had a teacher like this when i got started on php.

Mark Starkey at 15:28 on 25 Aug 2016

Adam has a great presenting style and comes across well, I would have loved to see something that wasn't in the book as I have read it 5 times already and kinda knew what was coming. I can't fault the talk for its content per say as it was all good, just wanted to move on to something not yet printed. great for the yet to use Collections Artisans though

Ben Cavens at 23:28 on 25 Aug 2016

Awesome talk from a down-to-earth code enthusiast.
Althought I already read the book and the talk was build up somewhat the same way, Adam keeps it all interested with his 'thinking out loud' live coding style. Loved the refactor of the Valet methods.

There was no reason to be nervous at all :)

Excellent, just like last year. Dealing with simple every day coding structures and improving them immensely. It's like magic seeing Adam doing these refactors but it's explained so well you can replicate it right away. Once again all our code will be better for it. Thanks Adam!

Jochem Fuchs at 13:37 on 26 Aug 2016

Very nice! Very good and too the point tips and I loved the live refactoring part.
My only criticism about the talk is it being the last one of the conference.

This would have been good at any time except the ending.

But that's something the organisation needs to think about I think. It just left me feeling as if it wasn't done yet.

Unlike Jeffrey's talk last year


Robert Settle at 18:28 on 26 Aug 2016

The talk itself was great, very informative. Included some live coding which is something that everyone seems to love. Adam was very confident in his speaking, and clear to understand.

The only change I would've made would be to have acknowledged the recent US talk by using some different live code examples, possibly even working from user supplied code samples which could have been asked for a few weeks before.

Looking forward to putting it all into practice :)

Awesome talk about how to actually make code more readable.
It felt very well prepared and as I said directly to Adam, it's nice to see someone else love the collections and use it the same way that I do! Every Laravel developer should use its' awesome functionality for kind of this stuff.

Adam should be part of the Certifications program somehow if you ask me. It was just that good. Hi5! :-)

Alexander Feil at 17:56 on 1 Sep 2016

Had bought your book already and I'm halfway through. Liked the live coding examples.
Great slides, great presentation!