How To Effectively Grow A Development Team


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Thomas Ruiz at 16:59 on 24 Aug 2016

Very inspirational talk, great content and cute kittens win it.

Immensely valuable knowledge for people that may want to transition (or currently are transitioning) into leadership/enabler roles. The jokes were bad and I liked that. The restructuring (of the talk) had some negative impact on the delivery, but that's outweighed by the overall quality of the delivery, which was really good. I know you can grow more as a speaker. I'm excited to see what you come up with next.

Great talk, got some useful takeaways from it! Liked your style which was both professional and informal. Small tip: elaborate some more on your view of "recruiters" and how or when they are helpful and when they are not. Take into account the financial and time constraints for them as well. Keep it up!

Great talk, good tips and nice inspiration. You mentioned some external resources and books but not all of them was listed in the slides, or were just skipped too fast, so a summary of those would have been really nice.

A very inspirational and funny talk, could be keynote material in my eyes :-)

Good talk! Even if these things weren't new, they are good to be reminded of now and then. Skilled presenter. Lively slides. The cats won the day.

Such an important topic that was presented perfectly by Jeroen. Thank you very much! Kittens for president ;)

Jochem Fuchs at 13:34 on 26 Aug 2016

Very nice talk. Would've been a nice talk to close the conference with

Great talk! @Jesper: one of the books mentioned was "The one minute manager" I think.

I like cats :). Good talk inspirational and entertaining. Excellent for the Time Slot.

Robert Settle at 17:23 on 26 Aug 2016

I'm not sure the title matched up against the Synopsis / Talk but it was still a very useful and interesting talk. I'd have probably replaced "Team" in the title with "Culture".

There were lots of very useful information provided about the development culture but not so much about the recruitment phase (which is what growing a team would mean for me). The speaker was very easy to understand and kept it light. Good work!

Great slides, Great insight, Great topic and Great speaker.
It was just Great!

And again... Great slides! :-)

Gero Grams at 17:32 on 5 Oct 2016

Very inspirational talk. Good speaker who really transferred knowledge to the audience. 5 Stars from a "dog-person" to a cat lover. What's more to say ;-)