Making the Most Out of MySQL


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Good tips and nice examples. English was sometimes a bit hard to follow because of accent and volume differences, but was still good to follow, also because of the clear slides.

Solid as a rock.

None of Yours at 15:47 on 24 Aug 2016

very useful, since I haven't worked with MySQL in a while.

Loved it!

Clear examples for the differences between 5.6 and 5.7, the pitfalls and new powerful features you can use. Nicely explained difference between stored vs virtual columns too, it really stuck with me!

Ezra Pool at 18:02 on 24 Aug 2016

Good practical tips on the use and pitfalls of mySQL.

Good presentation skills.

Very nice pacing, the talk was easy to follow and gave interesting insights. You made it very applicable for Laravel developers by creating the examples using the components the framework provides. As I said in person, the referrals to what you'll cover later could be skipped. All and all a really great progression from 2 years ago. Really excited what you'll bring to the community next!

martin morlog at 10:20 on 25 Aug 2016

very useful and very well explained difference between storedColumn and virtualColumn

Very specific talk about MySQL insides. But interesting to know which misknown MySQL function are available in Laravel migration or in Eloquent.

I really enjoyed this talk. Great presentation and some useful tips

[] at 13:18 on 25 Aug 2016

Very happy with what I learned about stored and virtual columns. Many useful tips and eye openers. The code examples brought things to life for me. Even though I needed a moment to get used to the accent, I loved the clarity of the presentation and the skill with which it was given.

Very well structured talk and great insights. I agree for me it was a bit hard to follow at times because of the accent, an Italian colleague had less trouble.

Jochem Fuchs at 13:33 on 26 Aug 2016

Loved the talk! One of my favourites this year as well
Good info and it even helped bring us closer to a solution we had recently in on of our projects.

What I also would like to add is how amazed I was by Gabi herself.
We were at Laraconeu a few years ago where we saw her ( also very nice ) presentation "Coding Like a Girl" which was about the inequalities that still exist for women in the coding world.

I'm amazed how different she was this year. And I don't just mean physically ( although all I can say there is "Teach me, Master!" ). In 2014 she was nervous and shaky and also her accent was quite hard to understand sometimes. And despite all that she got her presentation accross to the audience and made me and my colleagues think about a subject we had never even realised was that big an issue.

This year, she was a rock. Confident, clear and I had no trouble at all following her despite a minor accent. And all that with a much larger audience.
To come so far in so short a time is impressive

I wouldn't even know how to begin...

Really good tips and I learned a lot about virtual columns that I had absolutely no idea about :-)
It was a great talk!

Alexander Feil at 17:51 on 1 Sep 2016

I liked the talk very much. Got new insights on using MySQL and virtual tables.
Sometimes it was hard for me to follow your voice, due to the accent - but nevertheless, I liked your presentation skills.
Loved it you matched your clothing colors with the one from your slides! Very friendly!