No Excuse User Research


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Luke Lowrey at 21:10 on 23 Aug 2016

Really interesting talk with useful points and a great insight on no-brainer usability testing. Clearly delivered and explained.

Easy to follow and good recap at the end.

Really interesting talk and subject, nice examples but a real life (not made up) example could be really nice for a subject like this. Awesome idea with the follow-up unconference!

Katy Ereira at 13:34 on 24 Aug 2016

Really good quality speaker with good content that was well structured and easy to follow. Some nice ideas for easy user research.

Gemma Cameron at 14:25 on 24 Aug 2016

Great speaker, great delivery and great content. Lots to take away and look at. I especially liked the demonstration of how little time these simple pieces of user research would cost, and the massive benefits. ????????????

Tim Hyde at 15:35 on 24 Aug 2016

Interesting talk, with new ideas.

Perhaps not always spoken as clearly as could be?

One of my favourite talks at the conference. Great presentation and good examples, easy to start with.

Robert Wright at 23:08 on 24 Aug 2016

Great talk - really valuable takeaways and was really easy to understand the examples.

Obviously a very skilled presenter. Excellent balance. Good, applicable ideas. Thank you!

Very interesting insights. Presentation was good to understand.

Mark Starkey at 15:04 on 25 Aug 2016

Always a pleasure listening to a speaker that knows their subject, it was good not to focus on design, code or web wizardry and really get down to the user data and how to get it. top talk

Ben Cavens at 23:05 on 25 Aug 2016

Good talk. Lily knows the subject and presents it very naturally.
It certainly inspires me to include a 'was this helpful?' feedback in our next FAQ section.

Jochem Fuchs at 13:13 on 26 Aug 2016

Very nice presentation! Very clear and to the point.
For us personally it didn't provide a lot of new information. But despite that the quality was very high and we still got a lot of good info out of it.

Robert Settle at 17:07 on 26 Aug 2016

This was easily one of my favorite talks from the event. Incredibly informative, easy to follow and concentrating on a topic that a lot of the audience won't have that much experience with.

The only negative point I have is I think it could have done with some more general advice/examples of how to encourage more user feedback/bug reports. "Ease of Reporting" was mentioned but I think that single point could have been expanded upon into a mini section of its own.

Overall, this talk shows why non technical talks should continue to be at future Laracon events.

Alexander Feil at 17:38 on 1 Sep 2016

Best talk for me on that day.
Very well presented, great slides and with a very clear and calm voice. I learned a lot and got motivated in gathering user opinions for my sites