You will learn what CMS tools are currently available, how to choose the correct tool, and when to choose no such tool at all. We will analyze commercial (happy business owners?) and technical aspects (happy engineers?) of choosing the right CMS platform, and how will such decision influence website/web staff performance (happy clients?) in the long run. Finally, we’ll tackle the ongoing subject in the Laravel community of not having the go-to Laravel based CMS.


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None of Yours at 16:50 on 24 Aug 2016

sadly I've learned nothing there. I would appreciate some feature comparisons or use cases...

Jerry Hof at 16:55 on 24 Aug 2016

General things about cms and web, nothing helpfull. Why this topic as it is a laravel conference?!

Nothing more than the current state of content management. I've missed an example of metadata in the HTML structure too. Would have been easier to show why it sucks than having to explain how it should be added to the elements.

Too low pace, too much statistics and too little actual examples.
Some actual (Laravel) cms examples with pros and cons would have been useful.

Ezra Pool at 18:05 on 24 Aug 2016

Good presentation about the different views of different stakeholders about their preferences of CMS' and 'the current state of CMS'.

Go Wordpress!

This one disappointed me. I hoped it would be more about CMS in Laravel.

For me it was a too long introduction for CMS. I miss a technical explanation about one or two Laravel based CMS as Agard or October ... Too much statistics, not enough concrete state of Laravel based CMS.

It was a nice talk but "THE END" was missing. I got a great overview of the situation, but what is next? I thought there will a recommendation or examples, but now I was left with just information about the past.

Would have liked to learn a bit more about the Laravel based CMS solutions that are out there. This was only covered briefly by naming a few of them. A bit more insight would be nice.

Mark Starkey at 15:23 on 25 Aug 2016

I think from a CMS point of view, this was a great help for content managers and the devs selecting a CMS to use, Time constraints always negate a build your own solution, it was good to see the stats on wordpress as i constantly battle the sales team not to recommend wordpress for websites as its a 'blogging plateform'. I enjoyed it.

I was expecting much more, there was pretty much nothing in the talk that I didn't already know which caused my attention to wane, and in the middle he lost me completely. The stakeholders perspectives could have been interesting but again, nothing new there. Since I am working on a customized CMS project I would have really liked some good ideas.

Stefan at 11:15 on 28 Aug 2016

Was only scratching the surface and telling the audience about generalities.
I would have loved to see actual examples of CMS usage within the Laravel world for different kinds of projects.

There would have been so much more to explore. API based CMS like prismic or contenful.

Alexander Feil at 17:54 on 1 Sep 2016

Too much statistic on that talk. Sure, interesting to hear - but some more practical bits of advice would be great.

Clear presentation, nice slides!

Useful insights about CMS situation in 2016