Bridging the Gap


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Anonymous at 12:27 on 31 Aug 2013

Decent content but delivery could do with some improvement.

Anonymous at 15:01 on 31 Aug 2013

Great talk, great examples.

Solid talk Ben. Australia represent.

Great talk, explaining how developers should be building our packages for composer with framework agnosticism in mind. A friendly reminder to make our code as portable as possible. Agree with the delivery, was probably just a bit fast.

This was an excellent topic, delivered well.

Anonymous at 18:25 on 1 Sep 2013

Great points on the topic.
I hope the message of this talk gets spread more widely.

Probably the talk I liked the most at the conference. Congrats man.

Really interesting talk - good to hear someone say everything you already believe just so you know you're doing it right! Interesting to see the lengths Cartalyst go to for the community, too.

Grat talk, I'll definitely develop packages in a good way now!! Engaging and great speaker, felt natural on stage :)